Han Dynasty Spirit Horse or Funerary Statue
Han Dynasty Spirit Horse or Tomb Statue
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Han Dynasty Spirit Horse or Tomb Statue

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This Han Dynasty Spirit Horse or Tomb (funerary) Object was professionally age tested and authenticated. It was made to accompany the owner into the afterlife. It is in excellent condition for it age. Some professional, museum quality restoration has been done and is clearly defined. 

Tomb Customs:
During the reign of Chinese dynasties, the ancient Chinese believed that when a person dies, he or she entered into the after life. Death was comprehended as a prolongation of life, and an emperor's mausoleum was his after-life palace, mirroring his regal life on earth. All of the daily comforts of their past life such as servants, attendants, objects, pets, wives, guardians, concubines, food and drink were to be provided for them in the after life. This was accomplished by burying all of these things with the deceased when the died. An ancient Chinese philosopher once said, "Treat death as life." It was not uncommon to kill people in order to be buried with their master, but as as dynasties evolved, clay replicas replaced the real thing. 

Tombs of the ancient emperors and other nobles were often very elaborate. Around the 4th century BC, the Chinese began to build large mounds over the tombs, erecting small temples next to the mounds so family members could leave offerings to their ancestors. The temples were also used for ritual to honor the  deceased family member, who was believed to have influence over the fortunes and well-being of the living. The path leading to these tombs were called "spirit paths", and these paths were guarded by carved figures of soldiers, animals, or imaginary creatures called chimeras. Chimeras were on of the most common tomb guards and came in pairs facing each other on opposite ends of the spirit path.

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Age: 2000+ Years 

Origin: China

Material: Terracotta