David Alan Designs Satchel of Vintage Indigo Boro Cloth

Satchel of Vintage Indigo Boro Cloth

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From vintage to modern, our distinctive line of David Alan Designs bags are sure to satisfy those who enjoy fun and elegant accessories. This satchel is made of the highly collectable Boro cloth. Boro (mending over and over) is revered for its long life of many patches that are considered to add character and value.

Japanese indigo boro cloth, like the kimonos are so spectacular we decided to up-cycle some of our favorites for a line of lively bags and cases. We are so happy with them, there are more on our design table. The handwoven silk, wool and cotton fabrics are from some of the many authentic, vintage Japanese Kimonos and indigos we always have in our gallery store.

Age: Contemporary

Origin: David Alan Designs

Material: Vintage Indigo Boro fabric, Canvas

Size: 10" x 12" 4"