Shigaraki Tanuki Tepot

Tanuki Teapot

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Although largely unknown in the states, Tanuki have been among the most significant and interesting folkloric characters in Japan since the 16th century. They are shape-shifting tricksters and symbols of wealth and whimsy; and the subject of many folkloric tales.

This Tanuki Teapot is an example of a Shape-Shifted Tanuki illustrating a popular Edo period Folktale (abreviated):
"A farmer rescued a Tanuki from a trap and, in gratitude, it transformed into a teapot that he could sell to get money as a thanks for the favor. When the buyer used his new purchase, the tanuki couldn’t stand the heat, so the kettle sprouted a head and legs and tail and ran away."

Age: 1950s (Showa Period)

Origin: Shigaraki, Japan

Material: Ceramic


Size: 10" x 11" x 12"