Untitled Painting by Ridi Winardno

Untitled Painting by Ridi Winarno

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Artist: Ridi Winarno, B. 1965
Ridi is a faculty member of the Indonesian Institute of Art, Yogyakarta, in the Visual Arts department. Exhibiting since 2009, his paintings are a collage of images, symbols and words that connect with collectors across cultures. His solo exhibitions include showings in Jakarta, Singapore and Bali. Currently he resides in Yogyakarta. 

Artist Statement: "I paint about my childhood experiences. Canvas is like a theater for me. I want to remember my experiences through the canvas. Human and animal life are my inspiration. I do not expect too much with my works. When my works have been able to make people happy, I think that's enough."

Age: Contemporary

Origin: Java, Indonesia

Size: 57" x 57"