Untitled Painting by Ronie Lambah

Untitled Painting by Ronie Lampah

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Artist: Ronie Lampah B. 1961
Ronie is a graduate of the Indonesian Institute of Art, Yogyakarta, majoring in sculpture. Exhibiting since 2009, his 3 dimensional installations began at the International Art Festival, in Sleman, Indonesia. His solo exhibitions include showings in Jakarta, Mageland and Taman Budaya. Currently Tonny resides in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. 

Artist Statement: Art bonds with values of the soul, social senses, the ability to change and shape symbolic issues, so art is a form of communication from the artist to the public. Through art, the artist exercises his soul to enjoy, understand, grasp and build a common understanding between humans." 

Age: Contemporary

Origin: Java, Indonesia

Size: 36" x 36"