Antique Tibetan Yak Butter Jar with Lid

Yak Butter Jar with Lid

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This Tibetan yak butter jar comes from the Himalayan region between Kathmandu, Nepal and Tibet. 

Yak butter is the main staple food and trade item of the herding communities of the region. The hand carved wooden jars, found in every household, are of simple design, often accented with decorative lines and a loose fitting cap. 

In addition to butter and cheese, the Tibetan national beverage is a nutritious ‘tea’ or ‘soup’ which is made by adding salt and water. Tibetans drink upwards of 60 small cups a day for  the hydration and nutrition demands of living in the cold, high altitudes. 

Age: 70-100+ Years

Origin: Tibet

Material: Wood

Size: 4" x 4" x 7"